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Connected Safety Solutions Providing Your Organization and Employees Confidence and Peace of Mind

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Enhance Employee Peace of Mind, Loyalty & Retention

44% of lone workers do not feel safe at work

Making a commitment to your employee’s health and well-being with real-time connected safety monitoring solutions gives employees confidence and increases engagement. Knowing in the event of an incident that systems and technology are in place to get them immediate help builds trust and increase retention rates.

Improve Continuity of Operations and Your Bottom Line

1 million + workplace injuries or illnesses every year

Customizable end-to-end connected safety solutions protects your employees and assets while reducing business costs, disruptions and limiting operational downtime. Our Monitoring Open APIs, devices and platform seamlessly integrate with your existing environment to create fast and cost-effective way to make your business safer.

Reduce Risk of Lawsuits and Insurance Claims

19% of lone workers struggled to get help after an accident

Proactively monitoring workers and property safety reduces risk and protects your organization in the following ways:

  • Reduces social and environmental risks
  • Improves incident response times
  • Promotes development of prevention strategies
  • Reduces claims of negligence

  • “All in all, we are very satisfied with the Worker Safety Pro Application. This is an excellent, inexpensive safety tool that has the potential for use across our organization.”

    Shift Foreman, Fortune 100 Energy company

  • “I can’t speak highly enough of this app! I make sure this is on whenever I am working more than a few feet off the ground, which where I work is quite often.”


  • “We can use it for people working in high-risk work environments, for what’s called journey management (when our employees check-in while they’re travelling), or for fall safety.”

    Jeff Ey - Alinta Energy

  • “This app is both functional and very user friendly. Very intuitive to use, and could be a huge game changer for companies and individuals worried about safety while doing strenuous tasks. Overall, I’m very impressed.”


Fortune 100 Energy Company Offers Superior Protection for Workers

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